About The Founder

Baal Kadmon is a New York-based teacher and author who has dedicated much of his past career on Wall Street to trading foreign currencies and commodities. As both an educator and financial trader, he aims to bring his students closer to understanding the complex world of investing and trading.

His desire to educate people about the intricacies of the markets led to the creation of this platform. However, he wanted more than just a typical website with limited material like blog posts and videos. His passion drove the development of Wall Street Decoded – a platform where newcomers to the financial markets can learn at their own pace without getting overwhelmed by jargon and complexity.

Baal Kadmon strives to teach the language of the markets in an easily understandable manner. His expertise in trading methodologies and economics has made it possible for beginner investors to enter the markets without feeling overwhelmed. Please note that Wall Street Decoded is not an advisory service and does not provide recommendations. It is simply an e-learning platform.

By founding Wall Street Decoded, Baal Kadmon has created a platform that acts as a translator for the complex language of investing. With over two decades of trading experience in various markets, including several years in cryptocurrencies, Baal Kadmon has made financial markets more accessible to those who may otherwise feel nervous about entering them.